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updated on 12/26/2022

added on 12/26/2022

tools that i use in my everyday life. everyday there is a new product in the market which tries to make us developers lives better. this is a list of all those products which i have tried and liked.

  1. Browser: Arc by The Browser Company. Truly changes the browsing experience. Revolutionary stuff. Hit me up if you want an invite.
  2. Terminal: Warp. A terminal written in Rust. Extremely Fast. And can also work as a full-fledged code editor.
  3. Spotlight: Raycast. At this point in time, if you are not using this, you are truly missing out on some great experience.
  4. Fonts: Recursive. Found this fonts when a guy posted about these on Twitter. Immediately liked it. Also tweeted about my liking for this. (Fun fact: here a list of all fonts I've used till now.)
  5. Code Editor: VSCode. Shouldn't be a question now. Github Dark is the theme I use.