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My two weeks vacation in Manali


5 min read

Reaching to any of the hill stations is easy from Delhi. You can easily get a cab/bus. We took a overnight bus so we could have some sleep. Also, during our entire trip, we did not stay in any hotels, but only Hostels...

Rework | Book Notes


3 min read

My interview experience at Postman


3 min read

Recently I interviewed for a Software Engineer position at Postman. For those who are not aware, Postman is an API platform. Everything and Anything that you think has something to do with an API, has something to do with Postman. The interview had 5...

Write your own: JS Promises


9 min read

Introduction Promises in Javascript are used to denote an eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous task. This task can be either fetching data from API or reading the contents of a file from the file system. The spec for Promises (https://pr...

Javascript: A single-threaded, non-blocking, synchronous, concurrent language (Part 1)


2 min read

As the title suggests, javascript is not so simple. Although, learning it is quite simple, understanding the fundamentals... not so much. So in this series of posts, this being the first one, I'll be covering the core concepts that one must understan...

What happens when you search for something in your browser


4 min read

One of the most asked questions during the interviews of freshers is this: "Explain to me what happens when you search something". So today, let's dive into it and crack it once and for all. Overview of things Typing URL and hitting Enter Check HSTS...



5 min read

Databases are used by almost all the applications that we create. If you want your application to store data at some point, then database is a must. But then the question arises which database to use, SQL or NoSQL? What are SQL databases? SQL databas...

How I created a simple URL shortener using Node, Mongo and React.


4 min read

URL Shorteners are very useful if you want to remember a large URL of some websites. They trim down the huge URLs into really small URLs which are easier to remember and share. Here will be creating one using React and Node. How does it work? You en...